India (Library Production Music Album For KPM)

Kiran Thakrar (Produced)

Kiran composed couple of tracks in this production music album (library music album) for KPM music (APM music) published by SONY / ATV

This track is being used regularly by BBC, SKY and other television production companies worldwide.

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Sanata (Stillness)

Kiran Ahluwalia (Music arranged, Organ, Harmonium and Keyboards by Kiran Thakrar

This is latest in series where Kiran Thakrar worked once again with Juno-award winning musician Kiran Ahluwalia in this brand new album.

Weaving Western jazz and blues with Indian and Pakistani grooves

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Bollywood POP ( Sample CD for Uberschall Elastic Plugin)

Composed Kiran Thakrar & A Tee. Produced by A Tee

This library is a true reflection of the music that accumulates today's contemporary Bollywood sound tracks. The library is engineered with factual high-end technical standards, which accomplishes all quality demands for high fidelity productions of the western music.

The Bollywood movies are globally identified as the worlds leading drama and romance based scenario scripts, which are traditionally accompanied by spectacular sound tracks that lift up the viewers experience to a higher level. The inimitable soprano lines of the adorable Hindi female vocal artists, singing duet love lines with romantic sounding male vocalists. The high pitched string lines, the rare instruments that are never heard anywhere near your neighbourhood, gliding up and down in eight/note scales crying out romance and obsession, percussion works that inevitably inspires and impacts the worlds pop-music.

Content All recorded content is performed by dexterous Indian musicians, and adroit vocal artists, representing the deepest traditions of the Bollywood's, yet at the same time featuring styles that deliver a unique combination of urban, hip-hop, rnb, dance and reggaeton lines crammed into bollywood movie themes

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Baby (Dil Deewana)

RnB star Ginuwine & Anu Shukla (co-composed & recorded by Kiran Thakrar)

The debut single 'Baby Dil Deewana' feat. America's RnB star Ginuwine and UK star Anu Shukla of Strings (also known as Bollywood Pandits). This unique collaboration is a revolution in music bringing together RnB and Hindi genres. Hindi lyrics written and sang by Anu, composed by Kiran Thakrar. Produced by hot new talent Shayal. Video staring Bollywood actress Neha Dhupiya

THE FIRST ASIAN RNB CROSS made it No 2 in the official BBC independent label/Indie Chart And no.7 in the official BBC RnB Chart in it's first week!

Also nominated in British Asian Music Awards

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Diana-A short fiction film (Winner of two international awards)

Kiran Thakrar (Composed, arranged and produced)

-First prize winner of 'Screen Academy best UK short film' in Iris Film Festival 2009 & First prize winner of 'Jury Award Best Short Film Award' in Seattle Lesbian and Gay Festival 2009 A film about Mohit- An Indian transsexual living alone in London on the day after the Princess of Wales' death. written & directed by Aleem Khan. A moving score integrating Indian classical with western classical music

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Bhangra (Library Production Music Album For Universal)

Kiran Thakrar ( Composed and Arranged)

Kiran composed this Library Production Music album for BMG Zomba (Now its Universal Production music). It is recorded in Punjab (India), Globalrootz (Kiran's Studio) and Strongroom studios London..

This album reflects Kiran's diversity. There are various songs like Desi Punjabi Folk, RNB, Hip-hop, Garage, Nazam, and Ghazal in Hindi with live acoustic instruments and electronic keyboards and drums Music is been used regularly by BBC, SKY and other television production company worldwide. Here is link to listen to this tracks -!/results.aspx?pageNo=1&resultsPerPage=20&viewTags=1&mode=work&sortFilter=Default|Desc&keyword=kiran%20thakrar

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Aam Zameen : Common ground (JUNO award winner World music album)

Kiran Ahluwalia (Harmonium and Keyboards by Kiran Thakrar)

The Indian Canadian artist Kiran Ahluwalia is a female powerhouse on the world music scene with recordings such as the self-titled Kiran Ahluwalia and Wanderlust to her credit, as well as collaborations with the Chicago Sinfonietta, Tanya Tagaq, Delerium and Eccodek. For her latest Aam Zameen: Common Ground, Ms. Ahluwalia teams up with the Tuareg group Tinariwen to fuse the desert blues with her own brand of Indian song.

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All Time Hits feat. Nadeem of Nadeem Shravan (Bollywood Remixed)

Nadeem Saifi ( Remixed by Kiran Thakrar & Dhiren Raichura)

A normal day in the city of London saw the Meeting Of Kiran and Nadeem of Bollywood's duo, music directors, Nadeem Shravan. After introductions and gaining more Knowledge of Kiran's work, Nadeem handed over the project of producing and arranging the music for his debut singing album which later proved to be popular in India. Kiran accompanied by Dhiren, remixed this Bollywood album

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Cine Arte International corporate video soundscaping and sound designing

Kiran Thakrar

Kiran composed and produced original background score for this video of international talent and media production company

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Dr Tame Pan ( Drama)

Kiran Thakrar (Drama Background score Composed and Produced )

Ratna, an ordinary woman challenges the medical profession, presenting a predicament to the judicial system with her extraordinary demands following an unimaginable medical negligence.

She forces every individual to self-reflect. Will Ratna achieve victory ? Should personal relationships hinder path of morality ? Can there ever be winners in conflicts between morality and immorality ?

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Sal ke Barah Mahine (Bollywood)

Manu Varsani ((Composed and Produced by Kiran Thakrar)

Kiran recorded this Bollywood style album with a 50 piece live Bollywood Orchestra, including playback singers, Sadhna Sargam, Anupama Deshpande, Bela, & Manu. This recording was done in Western Outdoor Studios, Mumbai, with India's renowned engineer, Daman Sood.

The album was arranged by legendary music arranger, Kersi Lord.

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